A Trip to the Moon

Le Voyage dans la lune
by Georges Méliès190216minClassics
2 formatsFrench, English3 subtitles languages

At an astronomy colloquium, Professor Barbenfouillis (Stragglybeard) causes a stir by announcing that he intends to travel to the Moon. He organizes a visit to the workshop where his space capsule is being built. It is to be propelled to the Moon by a giant cannon. The launch is successful, and the six astronauts on board explore the lunar landscape and watch an Earthrise. They are taken prisoner by the Selenites - the indigenous inhabitants of the Moon - but manage to escape. One of their pursuers remains clinging to the fuselage of the capsule as it journeys back to Earth. On their return, the scientists are given a hero's welcome and triumphantly display their captive.

  • year
  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • colour
  • distributor
    Diaphana Distribution
  • original work authors
    Jules Verne, H.g. Wells
  • editing
    Georges Méliès
  • set decoration
    Georges Méliès
  • costume
    Jeanne D'alcy

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