Le Réveil d'Apollon

Coulisses d'une restauration au musée du Louvre
by Jérôme Prieur20041h25
DVDFrench2 subtitles languages

In the heart of the Louvre museum, the Apollo Gallery offers a fairy-tale and monumental setting. Sixty metres long and fifteen metres high, painting, sculpture and gilding combine to celebrate the sun god, Apollo, who watches over the arts and the course of time. Shot over more than two years, throughout the immense restoration work on the Apollo gallery, Jérôme Prieur's film explores this past, with those who repair the painted bodies and stucco faces, awaken the beings suspended from the vault, the sylphs and the atlantes. While discovering the other side of the set, we see the Apollo gallery reborn, at the same time as historians and curators are laying one by one the milestones of a rich and fascinating story.

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