Odessa... Odessa !

by Michale Boganim20041h42Documentary
2 formatsFrench7 subtitles languages

Through the stories of different characters who take us to Odessa, New York and Israel, the film evokes the exile and wandering of a particular community: the Jews of Odessa. Michale Boganim, a young Franco-Israeli director, follows the journey of members of the Jewish community from the ancient Russian city to exile in a nostalgic and endearing triptych, organized around three cities and three colors: Odessa, blue like an old city of faded beauty, Little Odessa, a Russian enclave in brick-colored New York, and Ashdod, a mushroom city rising out of the Israeli desert, in a sparkling white. In the course of the film, the city becomes a fictional character, an inaccessible and imaginary place.

  • year
  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
  • director of photography
    Jakob Ihre
  • countries excluded
  • distributor
  • editing
    Valério Bonelli, Kobi Nathanael

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