Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble

by Maurice Pialat19711h52FictionDrama
with Jean Yann, Macha Meril, Marlène Jobert
35 mmFrench2 subtitles languages

Jean, an "old teenager of forty" and failed film-maker, is married to Françoise, a woman of his own age with whom he lives, probably more out of a need for protection than out of affection. For the past six years he has had a twenty-five year old mistress, Catherine, who is very much in love with him and whom he treats with little respect, even though he is attached to her. The film is the story of the death of a couple through clashes, arguments, separations and returns. Until, fed up, Catherine decides to marry a man more socially respectable than Jean, with whom she will leave, leaving Jean desperate.

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  • running time
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  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
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