Écrire - Duras

by Benoît Jacquot199336min
35 mmEnglish

During a long interview with Benoit Jacquot in the country house where she lived alone for several years, Marguerite Duras talks about writing and solitude. The camera enters the place that so deeply permeated the writer's work during those years when she wrote "Le Vice-Consul" and "Le Ravissemement de Lol V. Stein". Neauphle's house bears the memory of an extreme solitude that she overcame through the power of writing alone. For Marguerite Duras, writing has always been lived as a wild, desperate act. Sleeping writing, she says, at the risk of falling into delirium, this state of disorder that she evokes by recounting in front of the camera the event of the death of the fly.

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    16 mm
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    Ministère des affaires etrangères, Mae, Ina

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