Duras filme

by Jérôme Beaujour and Jean Mascolo198149minBiopic
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Marguerite Duras filmed "Agatha et les lectures illimitées" in 1981 in Trouville. Beyond the report on the shooting of a film enlightening her way of working, this document is a portrait of Marguerite Duras, the woman, the writer and the filmmaker, delivering her thoughts, her meditations, during the elaboration of a work. During the dead time of the shooting, she talks about her relationship with the actors, the sea, Indochina, photography, the dead and so present young brother, the brother-sister incest. She also evokes God, an invention of man, desire and its impoverishment, due to the disappearance of the forbidden and the slackening of morals which, by removing any reason for jealousy, put an end to the novel.

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    BEAUJOUR Jérôme
  • producers
    Jérôme Beaujour, Jean Mascolo

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