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Laissez passer

by Bertrand Tavernierwith Denis Podalydès, Charlotte Kady, Jacques Gamblin
35 mmFrenchFrench, English, Spanish

Paris, March 1942. The Continental, a German film company directed by Dr. Greven, producing French films since 1940, looks like a trap into which the whole country has already fallen. Can one work there as if nothing had happened or must one refuse to collaborate and leave? Woven from their memories, the film traces the trajectory of two men whose destinies intersect. Jean Devaivre, an assistant director, enters the Continental by calculation, seeing it as a way to conceal his clandestine activities. Jean Aurenche, a famous screenwriter, is determined to refuse all offers of work from the Germans. Around them gravitate dozens of characters. Some fight, others collaborate but, in occupied France, all struggle against hunger, cold and restrictions to survive.

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    35 mm
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