Mes séances de lutte

by Jacques Doillon20131h39Comedy-drama
with Sara Forestier, James Thiérrée, Louise Szpindel, Bill Leyshon, Mahault Mollaret
3 formatsFrench4 subtitles languages

a young woman travels to attend the funeral of her father, who rarely showed her any move, and stays the time it takes to sell the family home in order to unravel the bond she feels toward him. and also to clarify with the highly attractive neighbor the ambiguous relationship they seemed to be developing a few months earlier. the man, who was left confused by the elusive young woman, ironically asks her to reenact the scene that should have marked the beginning of a love affair. not really in the mood for games and inhibited by what is at stake, she tries and fails. she engages with him, getting ever closer. they spar and clash, backing off but never completely avoiding each other, reveling in the growing physicality of their battle. a battle that becomes a necessity - a necessity driven by playfulness with a serious edge. they are increasingly attracted to each other, perhaps thanks to their now daily battles, which become a curious ritual they cannot escape. she arrives at his house, they take up their positions and battle begins. the aim is not to tear each other’s guts out—with his physique reminiscent of a rodin sculpture, he is far too strong, but she possesses fearsome energy that allows her to riposte. Gradually, it becomes obvious they must end this violence - verbal as well as physical - or risk mutual destruction. and, at the same time, break free of the kindly or malevolent ghosts of the past so that their battles finally become love.

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  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • colour
  • director of photography
    Laurent Chalet, Laurent Fenart
  • distributor
  • producers
    Doillon & Cie
  • editing
    Marie Da Costa
  • set decoration
    Anaïs Romand

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