Dernière tombe à Dimbaza

by Nana Mahomo197250minDocumentary
DVDFrench, English, Spanish0 subtitles languages

Shot clandestinely in 1972, this film shows without a veil the Apartheid policy that was raging in South Africa at the time. It films the inhumane living conditions of black people in this country - some scenes leave you speechless - where talking about Apartheid could lead to imprisonment. Dimbaza was one of the internment shantytowns with its cemetery of children who died of malnutrition. In addition to these images, Nana Mahomo traces the different stages of European colonization in South Africa. With the help of statistics, the film shows how the racism and inequalities of Apartheid took root.

  • year
  • running time
  • rights end
  • filming format
    16 mm
  • colour
  • countries excluded
  • producers
    Zephyr films

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