Sans toit ni loi

by Agnès Varda19851h45FictionDrama
with Macha Meril, Stéphane Freiss, Sandrine Bonnaire
35 mmFrench2 subtitles languages

A young wandering girl is found dead of cold: it is a winter fact. Was it a natural death? This is a question for a gendarme or a sociologist. What could we know about her and how did those who crossed her path react? This is the subject of the film. Can we make a portrait of a girl who is difficult to grasp and whose whole attitude is refusal. The camera focuses on Mona, recounting the last two months of her wandering. She hangs out. She sets up her tent near a garage or a cemetery. She walks, especially to the end of her strength.

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  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
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