Ezra - Version française

by Newton Aduaka20071h42FictionDrama
with Mamoudu Turay Kamara, Mariame N'diaye, Mamusu Kallon, Emile Abossolo Mbo
3 formatsEnglish, French4 subtitles languages

Ezra, a young Sierra Leonean ex-fighter, is struggling to find his bearings and return to a normal life after the civil war that laid waste to his country. His everyday life is divided between a psychological rehabilitation centre and a national reconciliation tribunal organized under the auspices of the UNO. During the rehabilitation trial in which Ezra takes part, he has to face his sister who is accusing him of the murder of their parents. But Ezra does not remember a thing. Will Ezra admit this horror and thus be forgiven by his sister and his village community?

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    35 mm
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