Nathalie Sarraute, écrivain des mouvements intérieurs

by Isabelle De Vigan198352minDocumentary
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A meeting with Nathalie Sarraute, interviewed in her house in Clérance. She defines herself as a writer of inner movements, of the tropisms of being, before the word was born. She talks about her work, her conception of the novel, the break that the New Novel inaugurated in relation to the traditional novel. In fact, the interview constantly comes back to the same question, that of the irreducibility of language to reality, of writing to life, whatever the theme: psychoanalysis and literature, biography and writing. My life doesn't matter, my life is the books. Nathalie Sarraute talks about the concrete conditions of her work, how she reads, how she writes. Excerpts from Tropismes and L'usage de la parole are read by Nathalie Sarraute. She also comments on her first books: De Dostoïevski à Kafka (1947), Portrait d'un inconnu with a preface by Jean-Paul Sartre (1948) and L'Ere du soupçon (1950).

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    Umt, Témoins, France 3

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