René Depestre, chronique d'un animal marin

by Patrick Cazals20041h02Biopic
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René Depestre's writing, vibrant and generous, is inseparable from the action. As a young student in Haiti, he founded the newspaper La Ruche, openly anti-governmental and anti-colonialist. He is arrested, but his action triggers a real insurrection that leads to the fall of the dictator Elie Lescot. From then on, his whole life is a commitment to literature and politics. It is this concern to flood all the banks. Communist, a moment member of the new Cuban socialist government, close friend of Aimé Césaire, he continues to write his poems and soon novels his literary work expresses his permanent commitment and expresses an affirmative force, full of ardour and sensuality. From his place of exile and adoption, at the foot of the Corbières, the poet-writer returns here with all his verve about his life and the tragic destiny of his island, Haiti. With the testimonies of Aimé Césaire, Régis Debray, Laënec Hurbon, René de Obaldia, Maurice Pons, Yannick Lahens.

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