Mosso Mosso Jean Rouch comme si...

Cinéma, de notre temps
by Jean-André Fieschi19981h13DocumentaryBiopic
DVDFrench2 subtitles languages

This meeting with Jean Rouch is based on the rightness of the as if, where he evokes what has become for him a rule of life as well as of cinema: By acting as if, one is much closer to reality. And, while Jean Rouch, surrounded by his lifelong friends Damouré and Tallou, acts as if he were shooting a film entitled The Wonderful Cow, Jean-André Fieschi has found a way to define the man and his method : here he signs a moving tribute inhabited by the spirit of the filmmaker. It is in his close and respectful relationship with his African accomplices of always, Damouré and Tallou, that we fully discover the filmmaker, a handyman, a chameleon, in osmosis with Africa.

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    jean Rouch
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    La Sept ARTE
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    Ina, Amip

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