Yves Saint-Laurent 5 avenue Marceau

by David Teboul20021h27Documentary
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For the first time in forty years, Yves Saint Laurent agreed to open the doors of the haute couture company to a film crew. The designer is surrounded by his family: Anne-Marie Munoz, whom he met at Christian Dior in 1957, Loulou de la Falaise, his muse, and Pierre Bergé, who shared this great adventure with him. The workshop managers lead a small army of large and small hands who are busy preparing the ultimate collection. All the time preparing new models, the couturier goes from dream to sketch, from sketch to canvas, and from canvas to fabric. Under his inspiration, the garment undergoes a series of mutations before taking its final shape on a woman's body. This incursion into the heart of creation illustrates the traditional know-how, in danger of disappearing, of one of the last great French haute couture houses.

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    Yves Saint-Laurent
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