Victoire Terminus

Les boxeuses de Kinshasa
by Florent De La Tullaye and Renaud Barret20071h20Documentary
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In Kinshasa, women are fighting for survival. In the literal sense. In a country where finding a job is a feat and receiving a miracle wage, they go into the ring to earn a living, or try to... Since the mythical M. Ali versus G. Forrman boxing match took place here in 1974, Kinshasa has been the city of boxing, first for men and then for women since the creation of a club in 1995. Mimi, Jeannette and Hélène are between 19 and 26 years old and are boxers... and are a bit like rebels in this macho society. Every day they train under the guidance of coach Judex, in the basement of the old Tata Raphael stadium. In the background, Kinshasa is in turmoil as the first free elections of the DRC in July 2006 approach.

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    Democratic Republic of the Congo, France
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