Les Souvenirsby Jean-Paul Rouvewith Mathieu Spinosi, Michel Blanc, Chantal Lauby, Jean-Paul Rouve, William Lebghil, Annie Cordy, Audrey Lamy
Download, DCP, Blu-rayFrenchCzech, English, Hungarian, Mongolian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Thai

Romain is twenty-three years old. He'd like to be a writer, but, for the moment, he's night watchman in a hotel. His father is sixty-two years old. He is retired and seems to not give a damn about anything. He shares an apartment with a twenty-four-year-old guy whose sole aim in life is to seduce a woman, no matter who, and no matter the cost. His grandmother is eighty-five years old. She's in an old people's home and wonders what on earth she is doing with stuck with all these old people. One day, Romain's father turns up in a fluster. His grandmother has disappeared. In fact, she kind of escaped. Romain sets out to find her, somewhere in his memories...

  • year
  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • colour
  • screenplay
    Jean-Paul Rouve, David Foenkinos
  • director of photography
    Christophe Offenstein
  • distributors
    Tf1 international

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