Toute la mémoire du monde

by Alain Resnais195620minDocumentaryClassics
2 formatsFrench, English3 subtitles languages

A visit of the National Library, its rooms, archives, treasures. Alain Resnais explores the place by slow majestic travels in this vertiginous labyrinth of the memory of some six million works. From its dome to its cellars, from its catalogue room to its reading room, all the backstage of this place of knowledge generally forbidden to the public are revealed to us here. The labyrinthine path of a freshly catalogued book allows us to gain access to some of the secrets of this building, the repository of common knowledge. This exploration of the dark maze of this immense library is also a subtle way of evoking the much more sinuous meanders of the memory architecture of us mere mortals.

  • year
  • running time
  • rights end
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
    Black and white
  • distributor
  • producers
    Les films de la pleiade

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