À côté

by Stéphane Mercurio20081h30Documentary
2 formatsFrench, English, Spanish, PortugueseEnglish

Women who wait, who make themselves beautiful, who cheer themselves up, who sometimes break down, always hope. In the little house of the Ti-Tomm association, next to the wall of the men's prison in Rennes, they wait for the hour of the visiting room. The families always arrive early. A few seconds late and the prison door will remain closed. We come once, twice, three times a week, every week, for months or even years. They are mostly women, these modern-day penelope live at the pace of their men in the shade. Time is suspended, life as if arrested. The arbitrariness of the prison, the transfers, the prohibitions are their daily life. By choosing to remain resolutely close to the prison - on the side of the families - the film paradoxically proposes an eminently frontal approach to what prison reality is. Prison in the hollow. Life without the other. But certainly not next to life.

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