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One Dance, One Song

7 CM de fictionby Divers Réalisateurs
Betacam SP

The song is a source of inspiration that creates bridges, it becomes a ground for infinite experimentation. The dialogue between choreographic and cinematographic allows each of the two arts to find novelty and impertinence in it. This series of short fiction films explores new narrative and visual avenues, as many singular perspectives from contemporary creators inspired by international songs. 1. ERE MELA MELA, by Mahmoud Ahmed, 7', Choreography: Lionel Hoche, Director: Daniel Wiroth. 2. ADESSO BASTA! traditional gypsy song, 7', Choreography: Christopohe Haleb, Direction: Claude Mourieras. 3. YA RAYAH, by Dahmane El Harrachi, 7' Direction: ALIS, directed by Claudio Pazienza. 4. BESAME MUCHO, by Consuelo Velàsquez 7' Choreography: Gies & De Carto, directed by Alfredo Diaz Perez. 5. LA HABANERA, by Georges Bizet, 5' Choreography: Mié Coquempot, directed by Pascal Magnin. 6. GAROTA DE IAPNEMA, by Joao Giberto, 7' Choreography: Serge Ricci, directed by Danièle Rivière. 7. DAITE, popular song from the Central African Republic, 7' Choreography: Yvann Alexandre, directed by Catherine Maximoff.

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    16 mm
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