L'Affaire Valérie

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A filmmaker investigates the disappearance of Valerie, twenty years ago, in mountain villages on the shores of alpine lakes. She is said to have murdered a Canadian tourist before disappearing without a trace, or at least that's how the narrator remembers it, passing through the region at the time of the tragedy. As one testimony follows another, Valérie seems to disappear a second time, elusive, literally swallowed up by the alpine landscape magnificently filmed by François Caillat. Haunted landscape, grandiose, where chasms and precipices become metaphors, characters of a fiction that the camera makes documentary. A film in the form of an essay where the director pushes his work on memory to its highest degree of abstraction.

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    La Sept ARTE
  • producers
    La Sept ARTE, Ina, Archipel 33

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