Quand les femmes s'en mêlent

by Paule Zadjermann
DVDFrenchEnglish, Spanish

From the post-war period to the present day, this film exposes the history of feminism around three generations of women: grandmother, daughter and granddaughter, accompanied by E.'s testimonies. Sullerot, Méni Grégoire or Eliane Victor. The first ones go back over the difficult conditions of women after the war, between a daily life devoted to domestic tasks and the role of mother, the subject of which is illustrated by surprising archives such as this Dwelling Fairy Contest. Then come the first demands, the speeches about concerns that have become public: abortion, the pill, sexual freedom, etc. The second part of the book is about women's rights and the role of the mother, which is illustrated by surprising archives such as the Home Fairy Contest. The last movement, Ni putes si soumises, embodies the difficult struggle of some young women for a real status, trapped between a patriarchal identity model and the image falsely liberated from advertising icons. Beyond the didactic interest of the film, one of its strengths is that it moves back and forth between social destiny and individual paths.

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    MK2 TV
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    Mk2 tv, France 5

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