La Fille de Monaco

by Anne Fontaine20081h35Comedy
with Roschdy Zem, Fabrice Luchini, Louise Bourgoin
2 formatsFrench2 subtitles languages

Bertrand, trial lawyer. Brilliant. Media-friendly. Voluble. Cultured. Cerebral. Complicated. Not very brave. Likes women, especially to talk to them. Freshly arrived in Monaco to defend a murderous septuagenarian. Christophe, security agent in charge of Bertrand's protection. Frank. Direct. Taciturn. Sportsman. Studies interrupted in seventh grade. Likes women except to talk to them. Admires in others the culture and mastery of language that he lacks. Audrey, weather presenter on a cable channel in Monaco. Ambitious. Sassy. Sexy. Uncontrollable. Has no intention of reciting the weather report for a long time. Has a poor understanding of the meaning of certain words, including "limits", "taboos", and "scruples". It would have been better if these three had never met...

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    35 mm
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