Salvador Allende

by Patricio Guzmán20031h40Historical film, Biopic
DVD2 subtitles languages

September 11, 1973. A military coup d'état destroys the peaceful revolution in Chile by eliminating the elected President, Salvador Allende. Patricio Guzman resuscitates the deposed president, a charismatic figure driven to suicide and whose memory the dictatorship has tried to erase. As the first minutes of the film remind us, there is little or nothing left of Salvador Allende. Just a piece of broken glasses and a few papers found on his lifeless body. In a moving portrait, Guzman pays tribute to this leading figure of the twentieth century, a tribute that is both intimate and distant, while offering a sincere reflection on a certain political ideal.

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    35 mm
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    Salvador Allende
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    Jba productions

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