Will My Parents Come to See Me

avec Xaliimo Cali Xasan
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Somalia. A policewoman sits in her parked car. After a while, she gets out, puts on her service cap, and enters the prison. There, decisive hours have dawned for young Farah. Organizational machinery starts up around him. Farah is examined by a doctor, instructed by the bailiff, and looked after by an imam. Farah is waiting for his parents to visit. “How are you?” is the question everyone asks him that day. Each time, “Good” is his concise answer. Only when the policewoman takes Farah out of town the next morning does the unspeakable become a painful reality.

  • année
  • nationalité
    Australie, Allemagne, Somalie
  • durée
  • fin de droits
  • pays du réalisateur
    Somalie, Somalie
  • pays de tournage
  • support d'origine
  • scénario
    Mo Harawe
  • direction photo
    Steven Samy

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