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  • We advise you to browse through IFcinéma once you are connected to the website using your ID and password.
  • 1. Searching a film in the catalog

    The "film catalog" tab enables you to carry out your search for a film via filters. You can search a film among the whole catalog or restrict your search only to the films available in your country, by selecting the following button:

    Before programming a film, make sure that it is available in your country!
    Also make sure that the date on which the rights expire is subsequent to the screening date.

  • 2. Ordering a film

    When you click on the title of a film, you will access the film page.
    The date on which the rights expire, and the subtitles available, are indicated on this area.

    You can download a media kit for the film as well as educational kits, "Educational File" and "Education au Cinéma" if they are available.

    By clicking on "Order a film", a window will appear, asking you to choose the film version (if several are available), subtitles and format.

    When a film has been ordered, it is sent to the IFcinéma player, for streaming or downloading.
    It will be available for 30 days, unless the expiration date of the film rights falls before the end of this 30-day period.

  • 3. Playlists

    For easier programming, you can set up playlists.
    They will enable you to play several films in a defined order without having to intervene.

    1. Create a playlist

    From the film page, you can access the ‘‘Add to a playlist’’ button. This will enable you to add a film to the existing list or create a new one.

    2. Managing playlists

    Find the playlists you have created in "My Profile".

    From this location you can organize the play order, order your films, select your subtitles or delete a film.

    The films ordered are sent to the IFcinéma player, for streaming or downloading.

    Caution: The playlist cannot be reorganized from the IFcinéma player, only from the "My Profile" area.

  • 4. IFcinéma Player

    1. Installing the player

    There are three IFcinéma player versions:

    - For a computer (Mac or PC), download the player by clicking on ‘‘My video player’’. Install it by following the instructions.

    - For an iPad, download the player from the App Store by clicking here.

    - For an Android tablet, download the player from Google Play Store by clicking here.

    Once installed, you can be connected to the player using your IFcinéma ID and password.

    2. Playing a film

    - "Streaming" enables you to play a film immediately, thus requiring a web connection. The film loads while you are playing it; it is not downloaded to your IFcinéma player.
    - "Downloading" enables you to record the film selected on your IFcinéma player when connected to the Internet, to be played a later date without a web connection.
    Caution: Downloading must be complete (100%) before you can start playing a film. Also, remain connected to your IFcinéma player for use without a web connection.

  • 5. Technical problem or questions

    If you encounter any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact our Technical support by clicking on the "Help" button.

    Fill out the form properly. Caution: Please fill it out using the computer on which you plan to screen IFcinéma films.

    Our Technical support will reply by e-mail as quickly as possible.

  • 6. Evaluate a screening

    IFcinéma is directly linked to the "Platform for operating and evaluating cinema broadcasts", which enables you to evaluate the screening you have organized. You can access it via the "My Profile" page.

    Each film ordered via IFcinéma is automatically saved in the tool. You will then have 30 days to evaluate the screenings made.